Date ranges

One of Compass's strengths is its ability to show how your network evolves over time. To help you do that, we've included a date range control in the toolbar at the top of your map.

Use this control to choose whether Compass analyzes data from last week, last month, or last quarter when it builds your map.

Set a custom date range

Sometimes, Compass's default date ranges don't quite capture the evolution you want to see. In those cases, you can set a custom date range.

This feature isn't currently available in the user interface, but you can use URL parameters to activate it. The basic syntax, added onto the end of your URL, is start=YYYY-MM-DD&end=YYYY-MM-DD.

Note also that you need a question mark ? at the end of your Compass URL to indicate the start of your parameters. Here's a full example of a team showing data from February 14, 2018 through June 21, 2018:

Note: Compass can only analyze messages that were sent after you installed Compass in your workspace. So, if you set a custom date range that includes a time period before you installed Compass, data from that time period won't be included in the analysis.

If you need to analyze data from the time before you installed Compass, contact us at

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